Text Box:  Portal - 1st Aviation Brigade - U.S. Army, Vietnam 

March 1966 – March 1973


Brigade Headquarters – Long Binh and Saigon


Outstanding Army Aviation Unit of the Year – 1966

   Meritorious Unit Commendations --
01 July 1969 – 31 March 1970;  01 May 1971 – 30 April 1972;  01 May – 30 November 1972


Welcome home Golden Hawks! This site is dedicated to you, our 1,701 Brothers In Arm's who gave their lives,

our 4 Medal of Honor recipients, the 5,400 who suffered injury and the 100 still missing in action. “Men may die,

but reputation lives on.” The site is also a portal to over 100 company sites of the Vietnam war 1st Aviation

Brigade. Our brigade earned its place with the infantry while serving U.S. and allied troops during the war.  You will

find links below to pages on this site for each group, battalion and squadron; and links to over 100 company sites

outside this portal. All were part of the brigade…


      7/1st Air Cav in the Delta, 1970                   74TH RAC O-1 Bird Dog                            334TH AWC Cobra

                by Art Hannum                                      by Joe Whinnery                                    by Art Hannum




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Brigade Order of Battle

(Peak of 1969)


11th Group



212th CAB

223rd CAB

12th Group


3/17th Cav

11th CAB

145th CAB

210th CAB

222nd CAB

269th CAB

308th CAB (66)

16th Group (‘67-68)


14th CAB

212th CAB

17th Group



7/17th Cav

10th CAB

52nd CAB

223rd CAB

268th CAB

34th Group



164th Group



7/1st Cav

13th CAB

214th CAB

307th CAB

165th Group


125th Bn

312th – 366th ASD ’s

Other Units Reporting to Brigade