Text Box:  11th Combat Aviation Battalion – Exemple Propone – Establishing the Standards - Phu Loi

III Corps   See 1968 Article, see 1970 article


To Photos by 11th Battalion Troops:  http://www.1stavnbde.com/tours/11bnphotos/index.htm


  Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 11th Aviation Battalion

  Valorous Unit Award—4–20 Nov 66 - for its operations in support of Operation Attleboro, November 1966, in the Cambodian border region near Tay Ninh. The operation consisted of 50,000 troops including the 25th Infantry Division and 196th Light Infantry Brigade.


   Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67


The 11th Battalion was formed in November 1965 from assets of the 11th Air Assault Division, which had been established to determine the range of use for helicopters in Vietnam. It was based in Phu Loi, an old airstrip used by the Japanese in WWII. The 11th was made up of helicopter companies. The battalion provided support for numerous major operations including Attleboro, Cedar Falls, Overlord II, Junction City, Manhattan and the Tet ’68 Offensive. They supported primarily the Vietnamese infantry (ARVN) and the U.S. 1st Infantry and 101st Airborne Divisions in III Corps.  The battalion went on to Germany in 1972 and in 1987 became the 5th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment.


A member of the 173rd Assault Helicopter Company, 11th CAB earned the Medal of Honor in Vietnam. Read his story at this link: 


1966 Lineup:

1968 Lineup:

1970 Lineup:

116th Air Mobile Light Co.

184th Recon Airplane Co.


128th Air Mobile Light Co.

128th Assault Helicopter Co.

128th Assault Helicopter Co.

147th Air Mobile Light Co.

205th Assault Support Helicopter Co.

205th Assault Support Helicopter Co.

162nd Air Mobile Light Co.

162nd Assault Helicopter Co.


173rd Air Mobile Light Co.

173rd Assault Helicopter Co.

173rd Assault Helicopter Co.

178th Medium Air Mobile Light Co.

213th Assault Support Helicopter Co.

213th Assault Support Helicopter Co.


Below is a little about each company with the battalion in 1969 or later. Other companies will be found in the battalion they were a part of in 1969 – see 1st Brigade Org Charts


Pathfinders of the 11th Battalion by David Wood, Hawk Magazine                                          Slick from 11th Battalion – 1970 by Anthony Martianaitas



Headquarters & Headquarters Company – Phu Loi

  • 391st Quartermaster Detachment Song Be, Xuan Loc The Quartermasters have been supporting the logistics needs of the Army since the revolutionary war. Our detachments were responsible for refueling and re-supply of armaments for our helicopters and others such as the medevac choppers using the Army airfields throughout Vietnam. They were on call 24/7 to support the needs of the aviators. The 391st got around. They were relocated from Song Be to Xuan Loc in Sept. 69. Attached to 12th Aviation Group



Text Box:  11th Pathfinder Detachment – Jolly Roger Buccaneers - Phu LoiSee 1968 Article, See 1970 article

The pathfinders filled a critical role since WWII being the first in "Semper Primus"  to drop zones for airborne parachute drops including D Day.  In Vietnam they played a similar role in clearing areas for LZ's and also in helping with rigging of difficult loads to be carried by our Chinook and Sky crane choppers.  Several of our battalions had pathfinder detachments including the 11th, 222nd and 269th.


Team 1, 11th Pathfinder Platoon

 Valorous Unit Award—7–11 Mar 69

Pathfinder Team

  Presidential Unit Citation—25 Aug 66–4 Apr 67    Valorous Unit Award—6 May 69




Text Box:  Text Box:  128th Assault Helicopter Company - Tomahawks, Gunslingers - Phu Loi


  • 432nd Med Detachment


        Valorous Unit Award—4–20 Nov 66 -  Award for action April 20, 1966


        Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67


The 128th arrived in Vietnam November 1965, departed January 1972. They supported ARVN and 1st Infantry units in III Corps. The Gunslingers were the guns platoon and carried rockets in addition to their machine guns to provide cover for troops and their lift platoon choppers. The company provided support to the 82nd Airborne, 1st Infantry Division, ARVN’s and the 5th Special Forces Group.



Text Box:  173rd Assault Helicopter Company - Robin Hood, Crossbows - Phu Loi


  • 759th Med Detachment


    Valorous Unit Awards—4–20 Nov 66; 8 Feb–24 Mar 71

    Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67


One of the 1st Aviation Brigade Medal of Honor recipients was with the 173rd.  You can read his story at their web site. The 173rd arrived in Lai Khe, Vietnam in March 1966 and supported elements of the 1st, 9th and 25th Infantry Divisions until 1972.



Text Box:  205th Assault Support Helicopter Company - Geronimos - Phu LoiSee Article


Link to pictures from James Nave, 205th


  Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67


The 205th deployed to Vietnam in May of 1967 and departed in November 1970.  The 205th was a medium lift helicopter company flying CH-47 "Chinook" aircraft.  They provided lift support for ground forces and moved heavy loads - artillery, ammo, etc. After Vietnam, the 205th went to Ft. Benning, then served in Germany from 1973 to 1988.



Text Box:  213th Assault Support Helicopter Company - Blackcats - Phu LoiSee 1968 article, See 1971 article



  Meritorious Unit Commendation—13 Feb–15 Oct 67


Patch is from VHPA Museum Site


The primary mission of the 213th was to support the 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One).  In February 1967, the 213th completed its move to Vietnam and remained there until 1972. They jumped into their first big operation on February  22, 1967 (Operation Junction City).  During their time there they were responsible for 926 aircraft recoveries



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