Text Box:  The 7/17th Air Cavalry Squadron - Ruthless Riders - II Corps - Pleiku, Dak To,

  Quin Nhon, An Son – See 1968 Article,  See 1969 Article, See 1970 Medals of Honor Article


Two members of the 7/17th in Vietnam received the Medal of Honor - read their stories at this link,

See article from Hawk Magazine about them






The 7th Squadron of the 17th Air Cavalry left Fort Knox, KY and deployed to Vietnam as a unit in September and October of 1967. The squadron, part of the 17th Combat Aviation Group, established its base camp at Camp Enari, near Pleiku, then moved to Dak To in 1968.  The mission was to provide combat reconnaissance and security for the 4th Infantry Division and other allied units in western II Corps. Other allied units supported included the 173rd Airborne, the 101st Airborne, ARVN, and the 5th Special Forces. C Troop was sent to Chu Lai in I Corps to support The Americal Division.  In March 1971 the squadron moved to Quin Nhon, then to An Son until departing in April1972. In 1971 the 7/17th was reorganized with A Troop being assigned to our 10th Battalion, B and D Troops to our 52nd Battalion and D Troop 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry joining the 7/17th.  Today's 82nd Aviation Brigade traces its roots back to the 7/17th.  To learn more about today's version see the web site www.bragg.army.mil/82ASB.  There are two books written by 7/17th officers.  "Red Bird Down" by Bruce Carlson and "Winged Sabers" by Lawrence Johnson III, the son of a 7/17th commander.







Text Box:






   Headquarters & Headquarters TroopeaH - 

   Dragon    Mountain,   Pleiku












      7/17th LOH viewed from covering gunship – 1971 by Larry Woolsey











Text Box:  A Troop – Tornado, Checkmate – Dragon Mountain


  • 288th Security Detachment
  • 568th Transportation Detachment


Patch is from VHPA Museum


 Val Unit Award Valorous Unit Award— Rifle Platoon - 30 Jan–12 Feb 68




Troops A, B and C provided a multi faceted cavalry capability in support of the 4th Infantry and 173rd Airborne in addition to other combat units in II Corps.  Each had an aero-scout helicopter platoon for scouting and surveillance, a gunship platoon for rapid reaction and ground support, and an airborne infantry platoon for small missions, cache recoveries, rescues and security around our bases. They were equipped with OH6A (LOH) choppers for scouting (aero-scout platoon), UH-1C and later 1H Huey’s for carrying their troops and others (aero-rifle platoon) and AH-1G Cobra’s (guns platoon) for providing aerial gun support. The LOH’s were manned by an officer pilot and an enlisted observer, who in addition to his M60 machine gun normally also carried an M16 or Car 15 rifle. The Huey slicks carried a two pilot crew along with enlisted crew chief and gunner. The Cobra’s were a two pilot crew, sitting in line due to its narrow profile. They were typically armed with 20 and 40mm canon, 2.75” rockets and a 7.62mm minigun.




Text Box:  B Troop – Ruthless Bravo -   Phan Thiet, Pleiku, An Son (Quin Nhon)


  • 414th Security Detachment
  • 569th Transportation Detachment


 Val Unit Award  Valorous Unit Award—Rifle Platoon - 30 Jan–12 Feb 68
















Text Box:  C Troop – Ruthless Charlie - An Son (Quin Nhon) – See 1971 Article, See VFW Feb 2011 Article


Text Box:  Presidential Unit Citation—31 Jan–31 Mar 68 for a campaign supporting  the Americal Division, resulting in over 1000 enemy fatalities.


      Val Unit Award  Valorous Unit Award—8 Feb–24 Mar 71


        • 238th Security Detachment


        • 412th Transportation Detachment Meritorious_unit_commendation Meritorious Unit Commendation—31 Oct 65–31 Dec 66













Text Box:  D Troop - Recon – Dragon Mountain, Pleiku


Val Unit Award  Valorous Unit Award—30 Jan–12 Feb 68


Patch is Art Small’s from VHPA Museum



The "legs" of the battalion, they were both ground mobile and air mobile. These aero-weapons troopers provided reconnaissance, security and performed missions in the area around Camp Enari, Pleiku.



Text Box:  D Troop (Air) 1/10th Cavalry – Shamrock – with us 7/71 to 2/73



Val Unit Award Valorous Unit Award 8-29May 1969


Patch is Barry Gerisher’s from VHPA Museum site


D Troop had served as part of 1st Squadron, 10th Armored Cavalry with the 4th Infantry Division In Vietnam from October 1966 until October 1970. It was reactivated in country using assets of D/3/5th Cavalry in July 1971 and assigned to 1st Aviation Brigade where it served until February 1973.










H Troop (Air) 10th Cavalry – Yellow Scarf – with us 4/72 to 2/73



Val Unit Award Valorous Unit Award—10 Sep 72–28 Jan 73








This unit was reactivated Apr 1972 with assets from C Troop, 7th/17th. Departed Vietnam Feb 1973.



Text Box:  H Troop 17th Cavalry – with us 4/72 to 2/73 – Scalphunter – Chu Lai



H Troop was part of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam from October 1967 to 1971.  It was reactivated in Vietnam in April 1972 using assets of B/7/17th and remained in country until April 1973.


Patch is Bob Hasselbein’s from VHPA Museum








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