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Text Box:  269th Combat Aviation Battalion - Cu Chi - III Corps - See Article    

Battalion Headquarters & Headquarters Co. – Cu Chi Meritorious_unit_commendation  Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67


Link to 269th Chain of Command Chart for 1967-1968



The battalion was made up of helicopter companies.  The 269th arrived in Vietnam in January 1967 and departed in April 1971. They were the primary support battalion for the 25th Infantry Division in the western part of III Corps, but also provided support to the 1st and 9th Infantry Divisions plus the 199th LIB and the 5th Special Forces. It participated in most campaigns in III Corps including Junction City II, the Monsoon Campaigns, Manhattan, Atlanta, Saratoga, Yellowstone, and  TET '68.  The book "Heaven's Luck" by Harold Hester is about the 269th Bn.


1968 Organization:

1969 Organization:

21st Recon Airplane Co.


116th Assault Helicopter Co.

116th Assault Helicopter Co.

187th Assault Helicopter Co.

187th Assault Helicopter Co.

188th Assault Helicopter Co.


242nd Assault Support Helicopter Co.

242nd Assault Support Helicopter Co.


Below is a little about each company with the battalion at its peak in 1969 or later. Other companies will be found in the battalion they were a part of in 1969 – see 1st Brigade Org Charts on brigade home page.


116th Assault Helicopter Co. by David Wood, Hawk Magazine

Text Box:

Text Box:  116th Assault Helicopter Company - Hornets, Stingers, Wasps - Phu Loi, Cu

Chi / Chu Lai  - See article



Pres Unit Cit  Presidential Unit Citation for actions 24 April 1969 


Val Unit Award Four Valorous Unit Citations for: 19 July 1966, 22-23 October 1966, 4-20 November 1966, 1 January - 31 December 1967


Meritorious_unit_commendation  Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67





·         431st Med Detachment  Val Unit Award Valorous Unit Award—4–20 Nov 66  Meritorious_unit_commendation Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67



The Hornets joined the 11th Combat Aviation Battalion at Phu Loi in November 1965. The 116th first combat missions were flown in December 1965 near Phouc Vinh in support of the 1st Infantry Division. In November of 1966 the Hornets moved to Cu Chi, the base camp for the 25th Infantry Division. The Hornets were transferred to the 269th Combat Aviation Battalion in March of 1967.  In July of 1970 the Hornets moved to Chu Lai and were placed under control of the "Americal" Division. In March of 1971 the Hornets went to Quang Tri to participate in Operation Lam Son 719, the incursion into Laos. The Hornets were moved from Chu Lai in October of 1971 to Marble Mountain at Da Nang. In December 1971 the Hornets stood down. The book "Xin Loi, Vietnam" by Al Sever is about the 116th.


Text Box:  187th Assault Helicopter Company - Crusaders, Ratpack - Tay Ninh  - see article

  • 541st Med Detachment


Pres Unit Cit Presidential Unit Citation 24–26 Apr 69  Val Unit Award Valorous Unit Award 13 Jun–23 Sep 68 

Meritorious_unit_commendation  Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67


The company is featured in the book "Absolution", written by Charles J. Bolye; and the book "Trial by Fire"; by a 187th pilot.  The 187th arrived in Vietnam March 1967, left in March 1972. It flew support for the 25th Infantry Division. Tay Ninh was only 8 miles from the Cambodian border where the enemy had sanctuary.  Because of this Tay Ninh was known as "Rocket City East".



Text Box:  Text Box:  188th Assault Helicopter Company (With us 67-68) - Black Widows, Spiders - Dau Tieng, LZ Sally, Phu Bai – To Pics and Article from Dick Detra, 188th, To more patches from Dick Detra


Meritorious_unit_commendation  Meritorious Unit Commendation 1 Jan–31 Dec 67

On May 2,1967 the Black Widows and Spiders began their tour with the 269th Battalion, 12th Group at Camp Rainier, Dau Tieng in the Michelin Rubber Plantation. Then in March 1968 they moved north to LZ Sally and were assigned on March 17th to our 308th Battalion, 16th Group in support of the 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne. . In July 1968 the 308th and its units were deactivated. The 308th became the 159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion and took over all CH-47 helicopter support of the 101st Airborne Division.  On July 20 the 188th AHC became C Company of the 101st Combat Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne and remained in I Corps; at LZ Sally and Phu Bai for the rest of their tour which ended in Feb 1972. 




Text Box:  242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company - Muleskinners - Cu Chi – see article written in 2005 by Roger Montgomery of the 242nd, See article from Hawk Magazine


The "Muleskinners" of the 242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company formed up at Ft. Benning, GA in October 1966. The Muleskinners flew the CH-47A transport helicopter. After extensive training under Major Paul L. Stansel, Commander, and Bobby J. Morris as First Sergeant, the unit deployed to Vietnam in August 1967. The 242nd supported the 25th Infantry Division and the III Corps Tactical Zone, especially in such areas as the "Iron Triangle", "Ho Bo Woods", "Nui Ba Den", "French Fort", "Mushroom", "Parrot"s Beak" and others. The Muleskinners performed with resolute valor and intrepidity until October 1971. There is a website for the 242nd at  A second link is here




Text Box:  269th Pathfinder Detachment - The Cavaliers, - See 1968 article, See 1970 article - a thirteen-man pathfinder detachment provided navigational assistance and terminal guidance to all of the battalion's aviation elements, during daylight and nighttime missions. The pathfinders were utilized in the control of infantry units in the PZ and LZ.


 Meritorious_unit_commendation  Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Dec 67





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