Text Box:  The 7th Armored Squadron of the 1st Air Cavalry – Black Hawks – Di An, Vinh Long, Soc Trang, Can Tho - See May 1968 Article,   See September 1969 article, See March 1969 article, See Fall 1970 article




patch is from Bill Church


The Black Hawks were a self-contained air cavalry squadron, made up of troops HHT, A, B, C and D in Vietnam from Feb 1968 - Apr 1972.  From arrival until early in 1969 they were assigned to the 9th Infantry Division. When the 9th pulled out, they continued with 1st Aviation Brigade, supporting ARVN troops in the Delta region. They remained assigned to the brigade until their departure. The 7/1st operated mostly in the 44th Special Tactical Zone near the Cambodian border.  Their job was to interdict supplies and troops crossing the border. In Jan 1971 they assisted the ARVN 9th division in rescuing a beleaguered Special Forces team at Ta Bec Mountain, the last action by US ground forces in IV Corps. After  April 1972 they served with the 194th Armored Brigade, Ft Knox, KY. In 1976 the unit was inactivated and used form air cavalry troops in newly activated 5th, 7th and 24th Infantry Divisions. The 7th of the 1st traces its roots back to 1833 when the 1st Dragoons were formed. Their website gives a great history of the unit.


                                      Photo from Hawk Magazine, October 1969 - by Art Hannum

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Headquarters & Headquarters Troop - King Bird - Vinh Long 


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Troops A, B and C were Air Cavalry units.  Equipped to perform scout, insertion, interdiction and attack missions the troops supported the ARVN 21st Division and other units throughout the Delta IV Corps area after our 9th Infantry Division returned stateside. Missions included scout / cobra hunter killer operations, Huey “slick” insertions with support from their Cobra gunships, raids on specific targets and general surveillance. Troops A, B and C each were equipped with OH6A (LOH) choppers for scouting (aero-scout platoon), UH-1H Huey’s for carrying their troops and others (aero-rifle platoon) and AH-1G Cobra’s (guns platoon) for providing aerial gun support.  The OH-6 LOH’s were manned by an officer pilot and an enlisted observer, who in addition to his 7.62mm minigun normally also carried an M16 or Car 15 rifle. The Huey slicks carried a two pilot crew along with enlisted crew chief and gunner. The Cobra’s loaded with 2.75 inch rockets and carrying miniguns were a two pilot crew, sitting in line due to its narrow profile.



Text Box:  Text Box:  A Troop – Apache, Renegade – Vinh Long - See 1970 article


  • 370th TC Detachment
  • 819th Signal Detachment

Apache TOC patch from Bill Church







Text Box:  B Troop – Dutchmasters Vinh Long - See 1972 Article, See VFW Feb 2011 Article



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Valorous Unit Award—8 Feb–24 Mar 71


  • 574th TC Detachment
        • 811th Signal Detachment  




Text Box:  C Troop – Comanche – Vinh Long

  • 3rd Signal Detachment – Was an AVIONICS repair detachment to allow the troop to function as a stand-alone unit.
  • 371st TC Detachment   







Text Box:   D Troop – Powder ValleyVinh Long


Troop D was the “legs” of the 7/1st.  The mounted ground reconnaissance unit performed a wide array of missions; including route recon, convoy escort, perimeter defense, and search and destroy missions.







Text Box:  C Troop (AIR) 16th Cavalry - Darkhorse - Soc Trang then Can Tho

March 1970 to January 1973.





March 1970 saw the tour of the "Big Red One" come to a close. Most elements of the 1st Infantry rotated back to "The World".  Those with time remaining in D Troop, Companies A & B, 1st Aviation Bn and a few others are combined to form C Troop (AIR) 16th Cavalry and assigned to the 13th Battalion 1st Aviation Brigade.  The new AO was to be the Mekong Delta and the unit went to Soc Trang to introduce "Charlie" to Darkhorse.  No longer in support of American units, they began to support the units of the 21st, 31st, 32nd, and 33rd ARVN Divisions. They did, on occasion work with the Navy SEAL teams in the area.  Soc Trang was turned over to the VNAF on November 1st. Darkhorse was on the move again, up to Can Tho Army Airfield with the 7/1st Air Cav Squadron, finally departing Vietnam in January 1973.



Text Box:  C Troop, 3/17th Cavalry – LighthorseVinh Long



In 1971 C 3/17th (which had been in Nam as part of the 1st Aviation Brigade since 1967) exchanged

designations with D Troop, 3/5th Cavalry. It departed RVN in 1973.




Text Box:    D Troop 3rd of the 5th Air Cavalry – Light Horse – Bear Cat, Vinh Long, Quang Tri  - See Article


Val Unit Award  Valorous Unit Award—6–12 May 68





D Troop, 3/5th arrived in Vietnam February 1967 serving as the recon troop in the 3/5th Cavalry, assigned to the 9th Infantry Division at Bear Cat. In January 1970 it was assigned as part of our 7/1st Cav Squadron at Vinh Long, when the 9th Infantry left Nam; and continued to operate in the Delta until January 1971 when it exchanged designations with the 3/17th Air Cavalry. It later was designated as D Troop, 17th Cavalry and remained in RVN until 1972



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