1st Aviation Brigade – Vietnam 1966 1973


The brigade, at its peak, had over 1900 rotary and fixed wing aircraft and 23,000 troops.  The brigade was organized into Groups containing battalions made up of companies. Our companies included helicopter units, observation and surveillance planes, air cavalry troops and air traffic controllers along with numerous support detachments. The Air Cavalry Units were squadrons (battalion size) made up of troops (company size).


In April 1965 the USA Aviation Brigade (Provisional) was activated with the existing in country 13th, 14th, 52nd, and 145th Aviation Battalions reporting to it. In August it became the 12th Aviation Group, which then doubled in size and was used to form the 1st Aviation Brigade in March 1966.  The 1st Aviation Brigade, responsible for 40% of the Army’s helicopter assets and 100% of its fixed wing assets; performed brilliantly throughout the war and was instrumental in inventing and perfecting the art of helicopter warfare.


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